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in their campaign. >> mitt romney and rick santorum came with one message -- help- wanted. the two republican presidential candidates focused on their differences. romney tout his business experience and says the economy is the top priority. rick santorum says he's focused on the president's health-care plan and freedom. >> i don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. doesn't matter to me. my campaign does not hinge on unemployment rates. >> i do care about the unemployment rate. it does bother me. i want to get people back to work. >> of course i care about the unemployment rate. rick santorum says a win in illinois would change the election. romney is 14 points ahead of santorum while newt gingrich and ron paul largely sat out the state. romney has more money to spend on advertisements highlighting rick santorum is endorsement of him in 2008. >> rick santorum says it is a different race and the negative ads have not kept him from picking up 10 wins so far. romney is working to make sure santorum does not get win no. 11 tonight. >> thank you. speaking of the presidential candidate
leave until august. mitt romney was in maryland this week. former speaker newt gingrich is expected to visit the state capital in annapolis. ron paul will hold a town hall meeting on wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. before the candidates hit maryland, they will sweep through louisiana. they are hoping to pick up some of the 20 delegates at stake in tomorrow's primary. >> this is another substance face-off -- southern face-off. southern gentility is out of the window as the political talk turns tough. presidential hopefuls are going back to a childhood drawing board for inspiration. they are criticizing mitt romney as an ever shifting candidate. >> you cannot have a child's toy for president. >> a romney campaign aid said the campaign can be reset like an etch a sketch. he made no public appearances thursday as he focused on private meetings in washington. rick santorum implied that president obama would be better than mitt romney. >> he may be the etch a sketch candidate for the future. >> mitt romney responded in a statement. the candidates' bickering underscore the fact that mitt romn
>> mitt romney is expected to pick up a key endorsement today. who is and what could it mean for other gop hopefuls? we have the answer in this morning's commitment 2012 report. >> mitt romney is picking up more support from the gop. his republican rivals are determined to stay in the race. first, former first lady barbara bush. then a boost from jeb. today, mitt romney expects the endorsement from former president george h. w. bush. on wednesday, romani also got the backing of marco rubio -- romney also got the backing of marco rubio. >> one thing that could bring this momentum to a screeching halt is to turn over the keys to the white house to rick santorum or mitt romney. >> we have to find the right spot in the lane. >> with a calendar of contests on favorable to rick santorum, it could be a tough month. trailing far behind, newt gingrich fired his campaign manager and laid off much of his staff. but he refuses to give up. >> there are two large principals that led me to run for president. one was values and the other was an ovation. >> ron paul is not showing signs of dr
. ♪ >> mitt romney has reason to smile today after picking up at least 41 delegates in illinois and strengthening his overall delegate lead. >> this was not the nail biter we have seen in past thasos with most precincts in, mitt romney finished 12 points and had a brick santorum. his rivals dallas race is not over yet about what a night -- thank you, illinois. >> mitt romney did not have to wait long after the polls closed to give his victory speech. a clear win that he would like to say makes it a two-man race. >> we once built an interstate highway system and the hoover dam. now we can't even build a pipeline for it when we replace a law professor with the conservative businessman as president, that will end. >> is great to be back in pennsylvania. >> rick sent normal argued a win would change the race. he lost by double digits. he looked ahead in his speech. >> we will picket by a whole boatload of delegates and close this gap and on to victory. >> newt gingrich and ron paul largely ignored ellen i and they won no delegates. neither showed signs of stepping out of the wac an
big story at noon -- mitt romney was a big winner on super tuesday but he still having a tough time courting conservative voters. he notched a narrow win over rick santorum in ohio, the crown jewel of super tuesday, and one of the most important battleground states in the fall election. >> after narrowly winning the super tuesday prize of ohio and carrying five other states, mitt romney was upbeat this morning and focusing on his growing delegate count. >> after last night, i feel pretty darn good. we have a very strong response across the country from alaska to vermont. >> he also won iowa, virginia and his home state of massachusetts and he expects to nail down the nomination before the convention. but rick santorum's close second in ohio showed romney possible vulnerability with court conservatives. >> we've won in the blast, the midwest and the south and we are ready to win across this country. >> santorum came out on top in tennessee, oklahoma and north dakota. newt gingrich won his home state of georgia. >> we are not going to allow the elite to decide who we are allowed to no
," another win for mitt romney it over the weekend in puerto rico. illinois has more delegates at stake than any other state so far this year except georgia. there is an odd twist to how the delegates are awarded. illinois is the so-called loopholes primary, meaning there is a popular vote in a separate vote for delegates. the popular vote is not determine who gets the delegates. >> if we are able to come out in illinois with a huge surprise win, i guarantee you -- i guarantee you we will win this nomination. . >> it is an uphill battle for santorum but he is not on the ballot in all of illinois and mitt romney has a clear lead. it feels like summer in much of the country, the usually. grounds -- usually arid grounds of arizona are still in winter. up to two feet of snow shut down highways and stranded travelers. even more snow is expected throughout today. still ahead, good news for apple shareholders. how much they will soon see any dividends. having a hard time using the frequent flier miles? how about donating them? >> the sun is starting to break out in baltimore. we're keeping our eye
to be the republican nominee for president. it is essentially at two-man race. rick santorum is stopping at mitt romney -- is attacking mitt romney's claim that he has an impossible number of delegates to take the lead. >> it is said when you are trying to win it on math rather than on substance. >> romney remains the front- runner with 18 victories so far, compared with the center on's -- santorum's 10. coming up, a thief makes off with more than $150,000 from a retailer. details on his creative disguise. dr. kim hammond is here to answer your pet questions. email email your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at >> covering and the nation, it is a heist you have to see to believe. a man posing as a truck driver to steal cash from a clothing store at the mall. >> this is not your run-of-the- mill $200 theft. this is $162,000 worth of cash. >> police believe the man to be john mortimer. his costume was so hot that it included an embroidered identity bench -- was so authe
in his campaign as they tried to keep the pressure on man romney. -- mitt romney. he lost to rummy earlier in the week in a pr and illinois. romney and finished second in the gingrich finished third. the next primary is on others day in washington and maryland. registered voters can cast a ballot that any of the 46 early voting locations across the state. election officials say they have seen a steady flow of voters this weekend despite the rain. the 46 early voting centers are open from 10:00-at 8:00 every day. on sunday, it 12:00-6:00. final preparations are finished for pope benedict's visit to cuba. he arrived this afternoon. >> the altar is ready, setting the stage, literally. among the cubans, those who remember pope john paul ii's visit 14 years ago, there is a rock star anticipation. fidel castro once promised all cubans that their communist government would take care of them come a cradle to grave, but today it is the catholic church that helps. political expression is still censored, but the government tolerates some opposition like the so-called women in the white. some
republican rivals. >> mitt romney was hoping these races would propel him toward the nomination. instead, he was upstaged by rick santorum. >> he'd -- we did it again. >> rick santorum face primaries in mississippi and alabama. >> people say you are being outspent and everybody is talking about the nmath and this race is inevitable. >> it boosted his climb as the conservative alternative. newt gingrich was banking on an all-southern strategy is resisting pressure from the santorum camp to now out and downplayed his loss as a bigger problem for mitt romney. >> one of the things tonight proves is that he believed media's efforts to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable just collapsed. >> we've got work to do. >> mitt romney did not speak to reporters after the results but earlier in the day said his prospects were better than wreck santorum to cleanse the nomination that he is far behind in delegates and far behind in the popular vote count. if you look at the matter of how many delegates he would have to win to become the nominee, is a difficult road them are ron paul did not inv
gingrich is claiming that rick santorum is no conservative. santorum is blasting romney, saying he does not support employers opting out of health coverage based on religious objections. romney quickly changed that. they will not split michigan's delegates evenly. republicans decided to give romney more. >> after the fact, but the rules, rewrite the rules. >> michigan republicans say they is debated -- they is to be that the delegates as intended, but santorum claims it was a backroom deal. >> controversy continues over the president's policy over contraception insurance. an amendment that would allow employers and insurers to opt out of the mandate was defeated by a narrow 51-48 vote. republicans say the mandate violates first amendment rights to religious freedom, but democrats say the moral objection offense too broad. >> i believe what this does is protect first amendment rights. >> they would no longer have to offer breast cancer screenings, server or cancer screenings. all they have to do is say "oh, i am really sorry. we believe prayer is the answer." >> religious groups are alr
, the candidates are making pitches via land -- iseven mitt romney's wife hitting the trail. >> it is time for us to coalesce. >> a surprise when would be a breakthrough. romney is in a statistical tie with newt gingrich for the lead in both states. still ahead, concerns over the safety of metal hips. plus, putting the homeless to work. why the idea is stirring up controversy. mechanics were checking the engine, but it was the brakes. we are going to answer your plant and gardening questions. you can at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at >> take a look at this. a delta plane rolled off of the runway this morning. two maintenance workers were testing the engines on the 737 aircraft when the brakes failed and the plan began to move. no passengers were aboard the plane. emergency crews are working to move the damaged airplane. an unusual plan to put the homeless to work in texas is raising eyebrows. homeless people are being used as mobile hot spots, given a wireless. and a t-shir
. >> mitt romney walk away with more than half of the super tuesday delegates. he says it is time for his opponents to stand down. it was hardly a knockout win, but after victories in six of 10 super tuesday contests, including the battleground state of ohio, mitt romney says of the writing is on a wall. >> we have the time and resources and the plan to get all the delegates. we think that will get done before the convention appeared >> they're now focusing on upcoming races in kansas, mississippi, and alabama. and the political maneuvering is intense. >> i feel very good about last night. >> following victories in three predominantly republican states, and a near win ohio, rick santorum supporters are asking newt gingrich to step aside. the former speaker only got the most votes in his home state of georgia. >> gingrich's rejecting all calls to drop out. >> i am staying in this race because i believe that it is possible for a moderate to win the general election. >> ron paul is still hanging on. his campaign wants to collect enough delegates at the convention for his ideas to be included
tuesday with elections in wisconsin, maryland, and the district of columbia. >> mitt romney is on a roll. in d.c., he is expected to coast to victory. >> thank you for walking me -- welcoming me here. the biggest prizes wisconsin. >> we will be working hard in wisconsin. >> this could be the less chance for santorum to stop romani. >> on the heels of formal endorsements from the bush family -- >> we are very proud to endorse and support our old friend, mitt romney. >> another high-profile endorsement from paul ryan is set for today. newt gingrich and ron paul are on the campaign trail in wisconsin. >> thank you. president obama returns to the campaign trail today, attending fund-raisers in vermont and the state of maine. 300 members of the maryland international guard are on their way to afghanistan. members gathered last night. their 90-day deployment is to support combat operations in afghanistan. >> everyone is familiar with what is going on, and i think we are at a critical juncture in the war not -- fight against al qaeda. i think what you will see it is -- in this deployment is cru
. with the vice president on the attack and calling out the potential competition by name. >> mitt romney, rick santorum, and newt gingrich -- these guys have a fundamentally different economic philosophy than we do. >> he will visit several key states in the next few weeks, amid the president paz low approval rating and a still struggling economy. republicans aiming to replace him keep burning up the campaign trail. promising they can do a better job. >> the president has failed. he has failed. he is not a bad guy, he is just over his head. >> mitt romney, who once had a solid lead, is trying to regroup after two tough losses in the deep south this week. but new surveys show rick santorum is gaining ground. >> we did it again. >> meanwhile, a determined newt gingrich, still trailing ahead of the next round of contests, going into puerto rico and illinois. >> we are going to win a decisive victory in america. >> president obama is embarking on a fund-raising trip with stops in chicago and another in atlanta. in washington, doug blt, 11 news. wbal tv 11're 11 -- news. >> temperatures will be a l
questions. >> voters unenthusiastic about their choices. this man voted for mitt romney. >> i think he can board obama. that is the only thing. >> i think santorum can pull it out. >> both appeared before a key pro-israel group in washington today, pledging support if israel attacks iraq. -- iran. >> i will be just as ready to invade our military might. israel now that america stands at its side. >> he says he has is a real's back. from everything i have seen, he has turned his back on the people of israel. >> newt gingrich slip from the top of the polls. today he is banking on a win in his home state, georgia, which will choose the most super tuesday delegates. he sounded concerned about the party's chances in november. >> the only hope we have to beat obama is to have better ideas and communicate them clearly. >> ron paul plaats 3 x and his basket today, alaska, idaho, and north dakota, caucus states he thinks he can win. gingrich says he is not voting today. he is from georgia but lives in virginia. >> still ahead, details on how you can get a free movie rental. if you are a loyola fan,
-to-head with governor romney. >> this could mean the end for gingrich which is taking his campaign on an all-southern strategy. a win for front-runner ron in alabama could also bring the gop nominating contest to a close. >> that is why we will get rid of him in 2012. >> i am ron paul and i approved this message. >> ron paul is advertising in her life which holds its caucuses on the same day. he has a plan to cut $1 trillion in the budget. he has yet to win the popular vote in any state. >> i never think it is a do-or- die. everyone is still in the race. >> rick santorum and newt gingrich appear at a forum sponsored by the alabama republican party. >> thank you. still ahead on 11 news at noon, we talk live to c-lo green. a town hit hard by turn it as it's even more devastating news. why do not be receiving any federal funding anytime soon. but first, a bus ride ends in tragedy. it claimed the life >> the driver of a school bus and at least once did was killed in a crash this morning. the bus hit a bridge at just before 8:00 this morning. there were as many as 50 children on the bus. several
the home stretch, leading up to super tuesday. the defining state may be ohio, where mitt romney and rick santorum are running neck and neck. a traditional bellwether state could play a key role in deciding which republican gets the nomination. >> it is a tough state for us only because of the fact of the money disadvantage, but we have a great grass roots campaign. >> in all, voters in 10 states will go to the polls tomorrow. 419 delegates up for grabs, and 1144 needed for the nomination. conservative radio host rush limbaugh apologizes to a georgetown law student over the weekend for insulting her. he suggested sandra fluke's support of contraception coverage it was a way to force americans to support her sexual the activity. he said he did not mean to notfluke and was trying to be humorous and chose the wrong words. it came after several advertisers pulled commercials from the show. the issue fired of some of our facebook fan. still to come, do your children snore? why it may make them more hyperactive on the are aware. wary about the teenagers save the when they are behind the wheel?
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